"A multi-faceted genius... one of the 20th century's outstanding young composers--"

~ Jack Rummel, The Rag Times

"David Thomas Roberts brings a very special voice to American music -- as composer, as pianist, as historian and critic. I have long valued his work in all its various facets..."

~ Joshua Rifkin

"David Thomas Roberts' playing gets deeper, more profound ... as time progresses--"

~ George Winston

"David Thomas Roberts is the most important composer of this half-century in America--"

~ Al Rose, Author of I Remember Jazz

"Our foremost composer of contemporary ragtime--"

~ Trebor Tichenor, Co-author of Rags and Ragtime

"In other words, David Thomas Roberts is a remarkable and gifted man, and it's always a pleasure to attend a concert by someone in that category--"

~ Jeff Hudson, The Register -- Pajaronian, Watsonville, California

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